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The Elrod Center

At ElRod Center, we utilize a combination of evidence-based, therapeutic interventions, psychoeducation, therapeutic play, artistic expression, sand tray therapy, skills training, and a great measure of care & compassion as our unique approach to professional counseling. The aim is to give youth, families, and individuals an opportunity to have an outlet while supporting increased emotional intelligence, and achieving Functional Wellness.

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Therapeutic Play

Artistic Expression

Sand Tray Therapy

Skills Training

About us

Founded in July 2017, Elrod Center is a nonprofit expressive art and mental health therapeutic center dedicated to promoting functional wellness for youth and families. We provide a safe and inclusive space where individuals can navigate life’s challenges and develop the skills to thrive.

Our approach integrates both traditional and evidence-based practices, and while we were founded on faith-based principles, we respect and embrace individuals from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds. At

Elrod Center, we are committed to meeting the unique needs of our clients and fostering an environment of acceptance, compassion, and growth.

What We Do

Unlock the power of wellness and empower youth to thrive in a challenging world. At Elrod Center, we believe that fostering functional wellness is essential for personal growth, resilience, and success.


Our skills-building program is designed to help children, youth, and adults build emotional intelligence, learn healthy ways to communicate effectively, and gain coping strategies that will help reinforce emotional regulation and increase stress tolerance. Additionally, clients will learn behavior that supports positive mental and emotional health, while developing and practicing mindfulness and strengthening relaxation and calming skills.


Everyone faces challenges and hard circumstances from time to time. Through our counseling services, our goal is to help children, youth, and adults get through these difficult times and come out stronger and more resilient! Our services include various therapeutic approaches such as filial therapy, art therapy, talk therapy, sand tray therapy and expressive therapy and telehealth.

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