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Where youth achieve functional wellness

in a dysfunctional world.

Every Youth Deserves a Chance to be Happy, Healthy and Loved

At ElRod Center, we utilize a combination of evidenced-based, therapeutic interventions, psychoeducation, therapeutic play, artistic expression, and parent training as our unique approach to professional counseling. Our mission is to help clients recover from their current problems, while teaching skills they can use to help them through future life challenges.

 The ElRod Center offers services specializing in youth and families. Most clients are ages 2-24 but we do service a wide range of age groups. Our unique approach of combining preventative skills and therapeutic counseling both helps in the moment, and prepares clients for the future. The aim is to give youth and families an opportunity to have an outlet, increase emotional intelligence, and achieve Functional Wellness.

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We are here to heal the children of our community.


ElRod Center was incorporated July 2017 in Eugene, Oregon. We are dedicated to helping youth achieve functional wellness through creative, innovative, and research-based methods. Our purpose is to promote recovery, resiliency, wellness, independence and safety for individuals receiving mental health services and support. Standards for services and support are person directed, youth guided, family driven, culturally competent, trauma & wellness informed, and promote functional and rehabilitative outcomes for individuals that are developmentally appropriate.

ElRod Center is committed to providing a work and treatment environment that promotes healing and allows people to flourish. All individuals are considered for entry without regard to race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, religion, familial status, marital status, creed, national origin, or age. We are inclusive with all individuals and provide a safe place for children and families to seek services.

Our heart is to serve our community with integrity. We are committed to serving and pledge to continually grow and evaluate how we can best serve every child and family that comes into the Center. Please know this is your Center, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out directly to our Clinical Director, Marian Stiegeler, LPC and she will be happy to chat with you.

About Us

Elrod Center was established in July 2017 and is a nonprofit expressive art and mental health therapeutic center. It was designed to provide a safe place for all youth and families to achieve functional wellness. Functional wellness is the ability to be well and function through all of life’s hills and valleys. ElRod Center was founded on the faith-based principles of loving everyone for who they are and where they are at, free from judgment or criticism.

While we were founded on faith-based principles, ElRod Center provides traditional, evidenced-based practices in addition to faith-based services. Therapists do not utilize any religious or spiritual practices in session with clients unless requested by the client. Our primary population is youth and their families that come from a variety of cultural and spiritual backgrounds. We work with LGBTQIA+, multi-racial families, DHS clients, state-mandated clients, and clients from many other spiritual and cultural backgrounds. ElRod Center firmly believes in helping clients become the ideal self that they want to be. Our mission is to love everyone for who they are and help them learn the tools to explore their authentic selves.

ElRod Center employs a diverse pool of therapists and interns, and this diversity within our staff allows for a greater level of multicultural consideration and understanding. ElRod Center combines artistic expression with therapeutic interventions to provide a unique way of implementing evidence-based practices in session. We utilize a variety of modalities while also implementing skills to clients that will help them overcome future problems as they arise throughout their lifetime.

Group Therapy Programs

Dance Therapy
Music Therapy
Art Therapy
Social Skills
Exploratory Drama
Family In-Home Consultation
Healthy relationships
Life skills instruction
Social skills
Filial therapy group
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Healthy coping strategies

As a nonprofit, our goal is to also keep our group therapy classes affordable for everyone. As of 2020, we are now accepting Pacific Source through OHP.


  • $5 suggested donation for creative expression classes
  • We offer our services completely Free to foster care kiddos and families that service this vulnerable population
  • Please don’t let the financial obligation prevent you from coming, we are here to help and we have community partners to help with scholarships.

ElRod Center will also provide in-home family therapeutic consultation, parent resources, life skills instruction, open play opportunities, many different types of psychoeducational classes and much more.

Presenting Problems

Anxiety Disorders
Traumatic Grief and Loss
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Eating Disorders
Suicide Prevention
Trauma and PTSD
Addiction in Families
Healthy Relationships
Social Skills & more



Affiliate Organizations

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    Rick Dancer | ElRod Center The Buck Stops Here

    ElRod Center to Prevent Bullying: Get Real with Rick Dancer


    Ceaser is our Therapy Dog Ambassador. He is utilized and specifically trained to support youth and families in a therapeutic or group setting. Therapy dogs have a huge positive benefit in therapy sessions, and he has worked with many kiddos in individual and family sessions, giving therapy to each in the way they need it.

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    “My children have benefited from the work done at ElRod Center. They are better adjusted emotionally and equipped to handle life’s adversities because of the services they received.”

    “My teens have worked through traumatic stress and made big improvements.”

    “The therapy model is effective and a necessary part of the community.”

    “ElRod Center is having a powerful impact on the community.”

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